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'This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.'

- Chief Seattle

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Clarity Now!                            Faye Johnston

Faye Chapman Johnston, from San Antonio,Texas is one of the best and most accurate tarot readers in the world.  She has an international clientele and many clients who speak to her on an ongoing basis.  She is an intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic counselor, tarot reader and Reiki Master/Teacher.  Tarot readings are offered, either in-person or online.

In addition to her experience as a professional reader, counselor, Reiki Master and healer, Faye has been a student of meditation and metaphysics for over 25 years.  As an intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic counselor she provides a variety of psychic counseling services either in-person or by phone: tarot readings, spiritual counseling, clairvoyant readings, past lives channeled readings.  Do you have questions on love, compatibility, relationships, your career or past lives?  Faye helps you define and deal with your issues more effectively.

Psychic abilities are natural to all living beings and do not conflict with any religion, way of thinking or philosophy.  We all have psychic abilities, and intuition helps us deal with our everyday situations in ways that we usually do not even realize.  Anyone can develop these abilities.  The only difference between you and Faye is that she has dedicated the last 15 years to refining her intuitive counseling and clairvoyant abilities.

A master of divination, Faye Johnston provides answers to the questions that are on your mind.  She is very accurate in her predictions and combines clairvoyance with tarot reading and channeling abilities.  Faye presents profound counseling abilities and insight into your problems or issues and empowers you to deal with them in an insightful way. Her love and relationship advice can help you see your partner, friend or situation in an entirely new light.  Faye's accurate predictions and readings give you a glimpse of your possible future.

Faye provides intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic counseling phone and in-person readings.  She can also work intuitively using clairvoyance without the use of tarot cards.  Faye can help you connect with your spirit guides or connect with those who are deceased and can channel past life readings.

Check out our great Metaphysical Gifts!  We have Personal Destiny Card reports and Love Card reports available!  This Personal Book of Destiny Card report is a comprehensive one year report, from birthday to birthday.  The Love Card report takes an in-depth look at the compatibility between two people.  

And don't forget to visit our free readings page for computer generated free astrology, numerologytarot, biorhythm, I-ching, runes, bibliomancy, and stichomancy readings available thru our affiliates.  All you need to do is type in your data and you will receive your free reports online instantly!  

Faye has been a top psychic reader for almost twenty years.  She has worked for Psychic Friends Network, the Heritage Center in Virginia Beach, VA and the American Association of Psychics.  She has a large following of people who look to her for help with their everyday problems.

Faye, her family and clients have written down some of their experiences with psychic abilities.  Add your stories to her web page.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Faye helps you to use Reiki healing energy to heal yourself and those around you.  She opens the gateway to power, energy and love.  Join Faye's Reiki classes.  These classes are offered either online or in-person.


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Readings are available either in-person in San Antonio, Texas or by phone.  Find out how to qualify for your Free Reading!


"Fortune Teller" by Robert Plant and Alison Krause



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