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Energy Work

Of all the things in this world that I find interesting, Energy Work has to be number one.  Energy work is using universal energy to heal and to find balance within.  I think it fascinates me because it is so powerful but invisible.  It is like electricity.  You tap into it, and you can channel it anywhere in the world or through space.  You can use it to heal yourself and others or you can direct it to kill.  Some martial arts masters can send energy out that will stop others in their tracks twenty feet away.  Others can plant their feet so that ten people cannot displace them or light up a handful of light bulbs just by channeling energy.

The universal energy that I am referring to is what the Chinese and Japanese call "Chi" or "Ki".  It is the basis of all martial arts and energy healing arts such as Reiki, Quantum Healing, Energy Medicine, or Vibrational Healing.  "Chi" is the unlimited universal energy that surrounds us, so recognized and named by the Chinese.  We can tap into it just as Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison did.  Yes, electricity is "Chi".

Energy fascinates us so much because we cannot see it, we just feel it or see its results.  We can feel the energy of other people, places and things.  We can feel shivers run up our back as we enter an old house.  We can feel a sudden change in energy as we drive from a hill into a valley.  We can feel the change in the atmosphere before and after a rain.  Crystal feels different than glass.  Red feels different than blue.  It is why scientists and metaphysicians alike have tried to explain this energy by quantum physics and by experience.

I have included this whole section just as candy for you.  It will give you a place to start to understand the energy of our universe and how to use it to experience, to understand, and to heal yourself and your surroundings.  Just tune into wherever you are, and you will see the fascination.  Just let yourself float and experience the place and the people and the things.  No place or person will ever be the same for you once you choose to experience their  energy.

Of course, I cannot leave out the connection between "chi" and psychic ability.  Psychic ability is a component in all energy healing, and is, in itself, another use of "chi".  When I give a reading, the first thing I do is tune in to the energetic connection between me and the person I am reading.  When I am giving an in-person reading, I always touch the person to tune into their vibrations.

Ultimately, what makes energy so interesting is that we are all made of it.  We are energy beings!  Einstein taught us E=mc2.  Dr. Mikao Usui taught us Reiki.  Barbara Brennan taught us that we have hands of light, that we are made of energy and that we can channel that energy to heal.  Louise Hay showed us that we can heal ourselves using this ancient energy, and Donna Eden put this information in layman's terms, with pictures, that help us understand the aura,  meridians and the chakras and how to use them.  Kam Yuen integrated his 32nd degree martial arts training and his chiropractic training and taught us simple energy techniques that work anytime anywhere on anyone. 

These are not the only people who have taught us about energy.  There are Descartes, Shakespeare, Gurdjiieff, Ouspensky, Benjamin Franklin, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, and, of course, Depak Chopra.  The list goes on and on.  We are learning by leaps and bounds.  Energy is the last frontier!  When we understand it and accept it, medicine, religion, philosophy and science will all be totally changed.  We will understand the connections between us, our planet, and the universe.

Check out our Energy Directory page to find books on energy.  I consider everything from auras to meridians, from chakras to psychic readings, from Reiki to "Instant Healing" to be about energy and its many manifestations and uses.






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