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Tips for successful meditation



In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness
--Mahatma Gandhi (1869-

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Do you ever think that you would just like to be able to create some peace and calm in your life, a space where you can get away from your troubles for a few moments?  Would you like to quit worrying and relax for awhile?  In a modern world, meditation is a method to create that space of calm.  It does not necessarily solve your problems, but it does take you to a place inside where you can detach from them for awhile and get a different viewpoint.

In the ancient world, meditation was for monks and gurus and spiritual leaders who spent most of their time in spiritual introspection.  The meditation  techniques were well kept secrets known only to a few.   Meditation techniques are practiced by most of the religions of the world.  The monastic communities are still out there, and many meditation techniques still take years to fully cultivate, but now these techniques are well known, and anyone can meditate anywhere. 

In today's world, these techniques are at your fingertips.  On the internet you can find thousands of guided meditations, meditation classes, and types of meditation.  You can meditate in your living room or backyard, at work, or in a crowded airport, alone or in a group..  Wherever you find yourself, you can meditate and find a few moments of peace and calm.

Meditation is the conscious direction of your attention to alter your state of consciousness.  It is finding the slow-down button for the brain, getting out of your ego, and bringing yourself into the present moment. 

There are many methods of meditation.  You can direct your attention to sound, symbols, colors, breath, uplifting thoughts, spiritual realms, a spiritual teacher, etc.

The reasons for meditation are as varied as the methods.  Most people meditate to find inner peace in a fast paced world.  Meditation takes us out of ourselves for a short while, out of our thoughts, out of our egos.  It provides a method for spiritual growth and relaxation.  It reconnects us to our higher selves or inner spirit.  Meditation also promotes healing,  concentration, insight, emotional balancing, development of intuition, unfolding of creativity, and inner guidance.

A good place to start learning meditation is the World Wide Online Meditation Center.  This site is well written, and has many types of meditations with full directions for how to practice them.  Start out with their Inner Light Meditation.  It will explain a quick and easy way to start meditating.

Some Tips for Successful Meditation











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