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Refer a client and receive $10 off your next reading.  Be sure and mention that you are referring someone or that you have been referred by another client.


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What is Reiki?



  • Psychic Readings - $2.00 per minute   First reading must be prepaid with credit card.

  • Tape of Reading - $5, includes postage for shipping

  • Reiki Sessions - $75 per hour treatment, in-person or long distance.

Check the Reiki Training page for Reiki class descriptions and prices.




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"The world of reality has its limits.  The world of imagination is boundless."

Jean Jacque Rousseau


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$2.00 per minute!


Types of Psychic Readings

Faye Johnston Offers

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Connect With Spirit Guide

  • Past Life Readings

  • Spiritual Counseling

With meditation and prayer as a preparation, Faye uses these techniques, separately and together, to give you the insight and guidance that you need.  Remember that all the answers are inside of you, and what Faye does is validate and empower you to find the solution and the motivation to deal with your past, present and future situations. 

Faye will never tell you what to do.  Her job is to confirm what you already feel and to tell you how she sees the situation, and she is extremely accurate at pinpointing those issues which are affecting you.  She can see what has happened behind you, in the present moment and in the near future.  What she sees is like a blueprint of probable outcome as the situation looks right now. 

Your choices and time may change that outcome.  She can help you see clearly enough to make your choices wisely.

Modes for Psychic Readings

Faye offers you a variety of choices for receiving your reading. 

  • In-Person Readings
  • Phone Readings
  • E-mail Readings for specific issues and foreign language readings
  • Yahoo Messenger Readings


Tapes available for $5 upon request. (shipping included)

Ask Faye to call you back.  She has a phone plan with unlimited long distance.


Great Price for Readings

Readings are only $2.00 per minute.

Free 5 minute tarot reading for 1st time callers.

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All Major credit cards accepted.





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