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Experiencing Reiki

Reiki Training



Get a Reiki Treatment, in person or long distance.

$75 per hour long session


 The Moon

         Profound change occurs

Because so many people

Have gone from this world

But the moon in an autumn night

Dr. Mikao Usui

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Reiki Principles

Just for today -

     I will not worry

     I will not be angry

     I will do my work honestly

     I will give thanks for my many blessings

     I will be kind to my neighbors and all living things

“Dr. Mikao Usui”

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Experiencing Reiki - How It Feels to Have a Reiki Treatment


Most people feel Reiki as warmth, others as hot energy.  Some experience it as cool or cold energy, and some feel nothing at all.  If you feel nothing, this does not mean you are not receiving Reiki, only that your particular sensitivity level may not be quite as intense as others.  Some people will feel light headed for a time after treatment, so it is best to not get up too quickly from the table.

            Reiki energy continues to flow even after the treatment, and often will be felt for days or weeks afterward.  The Reiki energy releases toxins and may facilitate the release of emotional trauma.  Reiki healing may take many forms, absence of pain, emotional release, internal cleansing.  Reiki may also enhance creativity and mental clarity.


Broken Bones


            Broken bones heal quickly with Reiki.  Start to work on the solar plexus immediately to relieve tension and on the adrenals to release the shock of the accident.  Do not start the treatment on a broken bone until after the bone is set and in the cast.  Go to the broken area and let the Reiki energy flow.  Reiki will work through clothes, casts, wood or even rubber.  Healing will be very rapid.


Uses for Reiki


            Reiki energy is the same Universal Life Force which makes up all things, plants, animals, people, rocks, weather.  It stands to reason that you can use this Reiki energy on plants, pets, your kids, spouse or friends, crystals, water, etc.  Pets love Reiki and get quiet and respond to the healing just as people do.  Channeling Reiki to your plants can increase growth, produce flowers, and heal sick plants.  Trees respond to Reiki, as well.  Hug a tree and send love to it, while you are channeling Reiki.

            Send Reiki to your water and your food and to the water coming out of your faucet and shower.  Bless your room with Reiki.  Reiki will remove emotional upheaval from your room or house.  Send Reiki to your work, to the situation and the people individually as well as to the space itself.  Clear a hotel room or your own room, by using Reiki energy.  Send Reiki to a friend who is angry or upset.  Turn presents or gifts into power exchanges by treating with Reiki before giving the gift.  Send Reiki energy with your words in letters or personal conversations.  Using Reiki will bring harmony to any situation or person.

            Reiki becomes easier and more powerful each time it is used.  Use it as often as you have opportunity, on any object, person or situation.    The most wonderful thing about Reiki is that whenever you use Reiki on anyone or anything, that energy is channeled through you, healing you as you heal others.  After performing a Reiki treatment, you may feel euphoric, peaceful and healed.  You may see warts drop off, skin rashes disappear, stress disappear and a smile appear on your face. The benefit to you, as a practitioner, is equal to the benefit to your client.  Reiki heals the planet and you, every time you use it. 

Reiki is love!  As you receive a Reiki treatment, you are receiving love, and, as you perform Reiki on someone else, you are channeling love.  The Reiki symbols are the ancient doorways to this love, and, when you become Reiki attuned, you become more conscious of this love energy and open as a portal for it to flow to and through yourself and to the world.  







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