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True Psychic Stories

Cheri's Story

by Faye Johnston

Names have been changed to protect my client.

Cheri is another woman that I had met at Kerrville.  Every year I would trade readings for her hair ties.  She was quite talented, and I would carry around her artwork in my hair for months afterwards.

When she came to me, she was madly in love with a man and planned to marry him.  In my cards, I got that it was not the right time to marry, and that something might happen to prevent that marriage, but that she would have a really good marriage within several years, but that it would be to another man.  I also told her that she was about to take a trip that would lead her to that new man.

Several years later, Cheri came up to me at the Kerrville Folk Festival, threw her arms around my neck, and told me that she had cut off the marriage within weeks of my reading.  She then had a chance to go to Mexico for several months.  On this trip, she met the man who was to be her husband.  Now, they were engaged and about to be married. 

I saw a calm and happiness about her that I had not seen before, and I knew that, finally, Cheri had found the right guy.  They were married several months later and are married still.






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