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You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
--Mark Twain


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True Psychic Stories

Tales of My Mother

by Juliette Johnston

I learned at a very early age that I could not hide anything from my mother. She always has known, without me saying a word, what is going on with me. This is an ability all mothers have to some extent, but my mother’s is especially honed. I remember when I was a senior in high school Momma went out of town on Friday for the weekend and left me alone in the house. So….being a teenager, I decided it was time for a party, which ended up being a huge, raucous affair. Well, the next day as I was cleaning the colossal mess, all I could think was that my mother would intuitively know I’d had a party and that she would surely come home early, before I could get rid of all the evidence. Sure enough, she came home a day early, certain that I had had a party, and there was no hiding it.

 When I started dating my boyfriend of five years, I decided not to introduce him to my family until I was sure it was going to last a while. After a week of spending time with him, my mother called and said, “What is going on? I dreamed last night you were getting married. Are you dating someone important that you haven’t told me about?” I just started laughing.

My mother has helped me with so many decisions, never telling me what I should do, but rather clarifying the circumstances to let me make the best decision possible. I have, however, in the past thought, “Momma is great with predictions for other people, but I’m just too close to her, and she projects her own wishes on me.” This was because for years she told me that she saw me going back to school, although I loved my job as a retail general manager/ buyer and had no plans of going back to school. This went on for years; every time she did a reading for me she saw school in my future. Finally, after over fifteen years in retail, I suddenly decided I was tired of it and wanted to go back to school. Now I am two years away from being a nurse.

Another time I doubted my mother’s ability is when a nursing class I needed was full and she told me if I went to it, even not being registered, I would get in. When I got to the class I was told I would not be able to get in, but to stay for a moment. As another professor spoke, I sat there thinking, “Why am I wasting my time listening to a lecture for a class I can’t be a part of?” Then the first professor came back and said, “O.K., I was able to get you in, you can stay.”

My mother also predicted six months ago that I would be accepted to the nursing school that I wanted to be in this fall. However, when I saw that I was rated number one hundred and one on a waiting list for the program which accepts only the first fifty-six people, I thought that my mother was finally, really wrong. I instead applied for, and got accepted to, an on-line program which was my second choice. Then my nursing recruiter called and said that one position was open in the regular class, they wanted to give it to an on-line applicant, and I was next in line. I will never doubt my mother’s psychic abilities again…..at least not until the next time!!!!!!!

My mother is a mix of characteristics not usually seen in one person. She is the incredibly accurate psychic who can’t find her keys and forgets appointments. She is extremely educated, yet never pretentious; she is an artist who can draw or create anything, though her college major was math. Momma is also the best teacher I have ever know; she home-schooled me for a year, and I learned more and had more fun doing it than I’ve had in any other school year of my life. She is also an avid listener and learner and is always reading and expanding her knowledge of healing, energy work, and anything else that is of interest to her at the time.

Momma has an ability to greet each person with her heart, and everyone who gets a reading, whether in person or by telephone, can feel her kindness and compassion. She does not sugar-coat the messages she receives, but always conveys even the harshest message in the most positive way. She has the ability to say what you need to hear in a straight-forward, non-judgmental way, and she makes it clear that the outcomes she sees will happen only if the energy remains the same. Momma puts the power in the hand of each individual by making sure you know that no fate, good or bad, is set in stone; you can change the outcome by changing your own energy and actions within the situation.

One thing I recommend when getting a psychic reading from my mother is that you take notes or tape it. Momma knows that you are paying by the minute and she talks very fast and packs more into each minute than you can imagine. You may miss or forget much of what she says if you do not record it in some way.





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