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True Psychic Stories

Finding Love

by Faye Johnston

About three years previous to the "Rams Reading", I met the woman from that story.  She was at the Kerrville Folk Festival with her daughter and grandson, and I gave her a reading at that time. 

I want to mention here that I had forgotten about this previous reading until I was reminded by the woman herself, years later.  I read for so many people that I tend to forget most of my own readings.   Besides, the readings are channeled for the person, not for me.

The woman reminded me that I had done a reading for her, telling her that she would meet and marry a man and that she would have a son.  She had laughed at me, at the time, telling me that she had always wanted another child but that she felt she was too old to have another child.  Besides, there seemed to be no man on the horizon.

A couple of years later, she came up to me at the festival and told me that she was now married and the mother of a baby son.  She told me that she had met this wonderful sports writer, right after Kerrville of that first year, that they had fallen in love and that she had married him.  Her husband had wanted a child, and she had gotten pregnant and now they had a new baby.    Her son, daughter, husband and grandson were there with her at the Kerrville music festival.







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