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Energy work is using universal energy to heal and to find balance within.



"The world of reality has its limits.  The world of imagination is boundless."

Jean Jacque Rousseau


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 True Psychic Stories 

Lisa's Story

There once was a chiropractor named Bill.   I lived about 45 minutes away from his office. The ride to his office was long, over winding roads with big trees and lots of color.  The first time I went to visit Bill's office, I found out that he was from my spiritual family.  For years, I'd been drawing variations of the same sort of picture.   It was a picture of the earth, with different colored ribbons running through it.  The ribbons were the colors of a rainbow.   I called these drawings "earth chakra pictures."  And, to my surprise, when I arrived at his office, outside was a cloth flag - an exact replica of the earth chakras that I had been drawing all along. 

This story isn't really about flags, its about pink bubbles!   As you might have guessed, I developed a mad crush on the beautiful chiropractor.  One day, I shared the ride to his office with a friend of mine.  I was talking with her about my feelings....   I said to my friend, "I don't want Bill to know what I'm saying about him, so lets surround ourselves with a pink bubble - that way he won't catch our drift."    So we did.  We wrapped a pink bubble around the car, and then proceded to talk!
To my surprise and dismay, when I arrived at his office, the first thing he said, "your pink bubbles didn't work!"
ps.  the earth chakra pictures are on my website at www.geocities.com/tgontarski - they're on the last page.









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