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Muscle Testing

Have you ever felt that your body just didn't want you to do something, or have you ever felt totally compelled by your body to act or behave in a certain way?

Muscle testing is a technique that has been around for hundreds of years. It is based on the idea that your body know what it needs, if you will just let it tell you. You can muscle test for food allergies, medicine compatibility with you, negative thoughts, areas of the body which are injured or hurt, negative thoughts.

The human body works much like a computer.  Every individual function of your body is either off or on, weak or strong.   Your body knows, at any moment, what is weak or strong for it.  By use of a simple muscle test, you can test for strength or weakness, and you can determine what is going on in mind and body.

Muscle Testing is also referred to as Applied Kinesiology. Chiropractors use it to find which parts of the body need adjustment, and to check if an adjustment has been successfully made. They use it combined with elaborate knowledge of the skeletal and muscular system. If one touches certain key points of the body and at the same time tests if a certain muscle is weak or strong, that can indicate if that key point needs correction or not.

The interesting thing is that muscle testing works just as well on mental or emotional issues as on physical body parts. Basically one can put one's attention on something and then test for a weak or strong response. That is something we can use.

See, the body is not as much of a liar as the conscious mind is. It is much more likely to give an honest assessment of what is going on than the person's analytical thinking is. The body will give answers to things that are submerged and unknown to the conscious processes, and it will give answers without being biased by wishful thinking or social maneuvering.



Arm Muscle Testing  - With toes pointed in, raise your right arm to shoulder level, and hold it strongly there. Have someone try to push it down.  This should test strong.  In other words, your arm should stay up.  Think a negative thought, any negative thought, and have someone test you again.  This is your weak response.  You can use this technique to test foods, medicines, or strengths and weaknesses within you own body.



Finger Muscle Testing With toes in, put your thumb and forefinger together, and intertwine your other thumb and forefinger inside this loop.  Hold fingers tightly but without effort.  Then muscle test for strengths and weaknesses by trying to pull your hands apart.  If they fall apart easily, that is a weak response.


You can muscle test for things simply by thinking about them.  Just think the question, and muscle test mentally.  You will feel if it tests strong or weak.  Direct a question verbally or mentally to the subject or to yourself before you test.







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