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Energy work is using universal energy to heal and to find balance within.



"The world of reality has its limits.  The world of imagination is boundless."

Jean Jacque Rousseau


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 Energy Work Directory

123 EFT - Self-help for phobias and fears.

About. COM  - Resources for chakra balancing

Academy of Sound, Color and Movement -  Learn tuning forks

All Energy-Therapies Web

Bio-Energetic tools - biorhythm machines and other tools

Bio-Energy Field Foundation - Foundation for scientific study of the bio-energetic field.

Bio-Touch - Non-profit organization provides courses and free services in Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing. Offices in Arizona and Hawaii.

Breathwork - Jacqueline Small's Eupsychia Institute

Chios Energy Healing - Entire online manual for this types of energy healing.

Cosmic Internet Academy - Exercises to help you develop your telepathic powers.

Dolphinata - Site devoted to healing by association with dolphins

Eclectic Energies - find out your personality type and how to heal yourself

Energy Medicine Institute - Institute created by Donna Eden, author of "Energy Medicine"

Institute for Orgonomic Science  - Dedicated to the Science of Orgonomy and Wilhelm Reich. Involved with the prevention and treatment of human neurosis, the functioning of life energy (the orgone) in nature and man.

Integrated Energy Therapy -  Energy therapy and self-healing seminars and certification. Stevan J. Thayer, founder of The Center of Being. Woodstock, New York.

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

Institute of Noetic Sciences - leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness.

Journey to Wild Devine - Deepak Chopra's new bio-feedback game.

Kam Yuen - Energy work technique

Llewellyn Encyclopedia - the System of Chakras

Midas Health - energy healing technique

Mind Ware - everything from biofeedback to mind machines

School for Self  Healing - Health through visualization

Siderius Foundation - Articles on Energy techniqes, EFT

Tachyon Institute - Tachyon Trainer workshops worldwide

World Puja - live webcasts for peace
















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