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Basic Energy Concepts

Knowing these basic energy concepts will help you to energize yourself and others at any moment.  Whenever you are feeling drained or without energy, try any or all of these exercises.  They will instantly rejuvenate and energize.  These concepts, based on ancient teachings, were taken from Kam Yuen's book, Instant Healing.


  1. Energy flows in circles.  When the circuitry is intact, energy flows freely and reinforces itself.  When it is non-circular it dissipates.  Have someone muscle test your arm as you make small circles.  Even mentally thinking about circles instead of lines will test strong.  Pushing out or pulling in from the body over the head causes energy to be dissipated.  Any two fingered pointing strengthens weaknesses, and mental focus on the midline of the body strengthens any weaknesses.
  2. Strength is Effortless.  “In nature, water and air move effortlessly to create great energy and power.  You can function best by allowing your mind and body to emulate the effortless of nature.  True success comes from relaxation.  Tension makes you less sensitive and more closed.  You can open your physical and creative energies by allowing your mind and body to use less effort rather than more, and repetition of this effortlessness makes your life easier because it reprograms your mind.
  3. Stand with your toes in, and your body tests strong.  Stand with toes out, and your body tests weak.  When you walk, point your toes slightly in, for strength and energy.
  4. The tongue on the roof of the mouth reconnects the main energy circuitry for the energy to circulate, and your energy and strength return.  Try standing with your toes turned out with the tongue on the roof of the mouth.  It will test strong even though the toes are turned out.  So you can correct the weak response by simply touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth.
  5. Place one hand vertically along the midline of the body, and you’ll test strong even if your toes are out.  Just thinking about your body’s midline will do the same thing.  Thinking of your midline centers and strengthens you.
  6. Standing erect strengthens you as opposed to leaning either back or forward, left or right.
  7. Balance is achieved when the body is in correct alignment.  Muscle test the right side of the body in relation to the left by simply thinking about it.  If it tests strong, no correction is needed.  Look at the body and check for tilt to left or right or rotation to back or front.  Balance corrections may be applied to the central nervous system along the midline of the body from behind.
  8. General looseness and relaxation in the body improves the relaxation and creativeness of the mind.  Tai Chi, Quigong, and Kung Fu  emphasize relaxed, supple, loose, circular movements which integrate mind and body.

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