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True Psychic Stories

Rams Reading

by Faye Johnston

In the summer of 1999, I went to the Kerrville Folk Festival, where I have had a psychic booth for over 10 years.  I camped beside a wonderful couple from St. Louis.  We had an extraordinarily fun time, swimming, combining meals, playing with the kids, listening to music.  For three weeks our families were inseparable, and we vowed to keep in touch during the year.

In late August, I received a call from the man, who is a sports writer in St. Louis, and he wanted me to do a reading on the St. Louis Rams.  "What," he asked, " would it take for the Rams to win the Super Bowl?" 

I told him I would like to do a general reading about the Rams.  Since I am not football literate,  I wanted to get an idea of what had happened to the Rams throughout the years, and what was limiting them now. So, I did a card spread for past, present and future.

I got that something had happened years back, before they had been sold to St. Louis, that was limiting them now, that something extremely powerful and traumatic had put them in Limbo.

My friend, the sportswriter, explained that the owner of the Rams in Los Angeles had died suddenly, and he asked if this was the energy block for the team now.  In the cards, I got that a very conniving and underhanded person had planned and carried out the murder  of the owner, and that it looked like it was a woman.  It also looked like it could never be proved, and it seemed as if this action had stopped the team in its tracks.

He validated my reading and explained that everyone had thought that the owner's wife had killed him, but it could not be proved.  He said the team had not done well since that time. 

He also said that there were problems with individual players, but, that all in all, they had one of the best teams that they had ever had.  He thought it was about time for them to win.

He asked what could be done. When I closed my eyes,  it came to me that the Rams had to cleanse the energy around the team and themselves individually.  I told him to burn sage ( an American Indian herb used as a cleansing and clearing agent) in the dressing room,  around each individual player and circling the entire stadium, before both home and away games.  I also got that the team needed an affirmation that everyone could repeat, before, after and during games.

The sportswriter called me back a few weeks later and told me that he had mentioned sage on his pre game TV shows, and that now there was no sage to be found in the city of At. Louis.  The Rams fans had cleaned out all the new age book stores and health food stores, where sage was sold.  After awhile, even the convenience stores carried sage.

He also told me that people were running around the stadium with sage, to clear the energy, that the dressing room was being cleansed before every practice, meeting or game, and that the fans were including sage in their tailgating rituals.  He also said that he had thought up an affirmation "We Believe!" and  that fans and players had never been more positive.

Since I am not much of a sports fan, I pretty much forgot about the reading for a few months, In November, my brother, who is a huge football fan, told me that I needed to watch the sports news, that it looked like the Rams were going to the Super Bowl, that he didn't see how they could win, but that it looked like they had a chance.

When I started watching the Rams play, I realized that they had brought themselves up through the ranks to first place.  At this point, I became a temporary football fan.  The sportswriter called a few more times and told me everything was going great, that they were still burning sage, and that the affirmation had become a very loud war cry! 

I had forgotten about it, but my brother called halfway through the Super Bowl and told me to turn on the TV and watch the last half of the game.  I watched the rest of the game from home in Corpus Christi and burned sage and did my own affirmations. 

I guess we'll never know whether it was just luck (the teams time to win), good playing or whether it was the sage and the positivism of the affirmations.  In January, 2000, the Rams won the Super Bowl, and they have not ever won it again, before or since.






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